The annual St. Patrick’s Parade is the largest community event in Manchester. Each March more than 70,000 people line the one-mile course along Elm Street, from Salmon to Auburn Streets, to cheer bagpipers, unicyclists, clowns, dancers, high school bands and marching units of all types.

We are honored each year to organize an event designed to delight and entertain families from all over Southern New Hampshire.

An event of this magnitude depends on the support of the citizens and businesses of Manchester. Those who fund the parade indirectly aid community organizations, high school music programs and other worthy groups dependent on performance fees to sustain their efforts. Local and regional businesses sponsor marching units, becoming partners in this popular event.

Donations from citizens and businesses alike make a big difference in an event of this proportion. They go to fund marching units, the Manchester police who help us produce this event, signage and other production expenses.

On behalf of the St. Patrick’s Parade Committee, we ask you to please consider supporting the parade with a donation of any size.

Ways to Donate

By Mail via Check

St. Patrick’s Parade Committee
P.O. Box 3567
Manchester, NH 03105

Online via PayPal