Parade Dedication

In certain years the Parade Committee will dedicate the Parade to or in remembrance of a cause, group, organization or individual whose efforts and accomplishments improved Greater Manchester, the state of New Hampshire or the United States.


The 2022 Manchester NH St. Patrick’s Day Parade is dedicated to everyone in Health Care, all Educators, Fire, Police and those in Public Health


The parade is dedicated to all of the Music Educators, Music Directors and Music Staff who bring music to our schools and communities.


The parade was dedicated to those who are bringing awareness to the mental health and substance abuse issues in our community.


In remembrance of 100 years since the Easter Rebellion. The Rising began on Easter Monday, 24 April 1916, and lasted for six days and ultimitely resulted in the independence of Ireland.

John F Kennedy said in a 1962 speech that Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable which is why we believe that it’s not the rebel that creates the violence, but the violence that creates the rebel.  Early Americans knew that and the American Revolution was the result.  The patriots of 1916 also knew that and the Easter Rising was the result.  But that rising was different from all others in Irish history.


This year’s parade is dedicated to the first responders and victims of the Boston Marathon bombing whose one-year anniversary is two weeks after the parade.


The Sisters of Mercy in America were recognized on the 150th anniversary of their remarkably dedicated service to Manchester and New Hampshire health care and educational establishments.


Cognizant of the large number of New Hampshire Reservists and National Guard called to serve on active duty, the Parade was dedicated to all deployed military personnel from New Hampshire.


In remembrance of 50 years since the advent of hostilities in South Korea, the Committee dedicated the Parade to all Korean War veterans. Special recognition was accorded to local members of The Chosin Few, an organization of Marine Corps and Army veterans of the savage Chosin Reservoir fighting.

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