The Manchester St. Patrick’s Parade is a private, invitation-only event.

You may request an invitation to march in the parade by filling out this form. Filling out the form does not constitute an agreement or contract to participate. Our parade coordinator will contact you for more information or respond to you with a determination as to whether you have been selected to participate in the parade.

Parade Day Information


NOTE: Your Division assignment will be mailed to you by the Parade Coordinator. Any Parade Staff in a yellow jacket can find your Division assignment on parade day. If there is a question, please err on the side of being early

All times subject to change:
Grand Marshal Division
11:15 a.m.
Green Division
11:15 a.m.
Blue Division
11:30 a.m.
White Division
11:45 a.m.
Gold Division
For vehicle units: We highly recommend vehicles are in position by 10:30AM to avoid road shutdowns that might complicate their arrival.

Parking/Shuttle Service

There is absolutely NO parking in the vicinity of parade assembly areas, so participants marching in the parade should leave cars at one end of the two downtown city parking lots sited near the end of the parade route –Pine St Lot behind the Federal Building and the Victory Parking Garage on Chestnut and Amherst Streets, across from Victory Park. Our shuttle bus service is 10am to Noon, from the corner of Central St. and Chestnut St. to the assembly area. Do Not try to drop off individuals at or near 1750 Elm St. – certain streets will be closed and your car confuse the traffic pattern – use the shuttle service. Plan to arrive at the noted lots so you get to the assembly area at the time specified for your division.

Parking Directions

Best approach into Manchester for the parade is I 293. From the south, take exit 5 off I 293, turn right onto Granite St.; from the north, take Exit 5 off I 293 and turn Left onto Granite St. Proceed east on Granite St. through 3 lights to Elm St. Go Through this intersection, Granite St. magically becomes Lake Ave. Proceed along Lake Ave 2 more lights, turn left onto Pine St. (one way northbound), go through the lights at Hanover St., past the City Library to Lowell St., turn left onto Lowell St. and left again on Chestnut St. The Victory Parking Garage will be on your right. You may also proceed south to the Pine St. lot, note the mid – block left turn entrance into the Pine St. Lot. Turn into the lot, following the directions of the City Parking and Parade Staff personnel.


Parade marching units will assemble in the parking lot behind Brady Sullivan Tower at 1750 Elm St. This parking lot is used only for marching units and certain emergency vehicles. All trucks, flatbeds, horse units, utility vehicles, floats, audio vans and cars will line up on Elm St. between Webster and North St. or between North and Salmon St. 


Ask any yellow jacketed Parade Staff for assistance with directions, Division assignment, etc.


Passenger buses (school buses, etc.) bringing participants to the assembly area will take Canal St. north where it becomes River Rd. and proceed to the light at Webster St. Turn right on Webster St., go through the light at Elm St. for 1 block to Bay St. Turn right on Bay St., proceed to North St. and discharge passengers at the intersection of North and Bay. Passengers proceed on foot along North St., cross Elm St., go down the hill on W. North St. and enter the Brady Sullivan parking lot entrance.

Empty buses go 2 blocks south on Bay St., turn left onto Sagamore St. and proceed to Chestnut St. Turn right on Chestnut St. (one way southbound) and proceed to Lake Av. Turn right at Lake Ave, pull over to the right-hand curb where parade staff will assign buses a parking location pickup of passengers at parade’s end. Any exceptions to these directions will be communicated to drivers.

Floats, Motorized Units & Other Vehicles:

From the south, take Exit 5 off I293, turn right onto Granite St.

From the north, take I293 Exit 5 and turn left onto Granite St. Proceed east on Granite St. 2 lights to Canal St. Turn left onto Canal St., go north to where it becomes River Rd. and proceed past W. North St. to the light at Webster St. Turn right onto Webster St., go 1 block and turn right onto Elm St. Tell the officer at the barricade you are in the parade and Parade Staff will line you up.


The Parade is a rain-or-shine-event. If there is a severe weather warning, a decision relative to parade staging will be made by 7:00am on Parade Day. Visit parade website at or listen to WZID FM 95.7 or FM 96.5 The Mill.


If you are a Participant and have not already done so, complete your Media Information Sheet and mail it to PO Box 3567, Manchester, NH 03105 or email it to as soon as possible.

Parade Day Rules

  1. All units should maintain a continuous forward motion during the entire parade route. Do not stop on your own and present “mini concerts” along the route. Note, this includes the Review Stand, so we expect you to simply pass in review as you proceed in front of the dignitaries. Do not stop for television cameras or voiced announcements … they will work around you.
  2. In the event forward motion of the parade stops or pauses during its procession, stay in formation and continue to entertain the crowd. Units “breaking ranks” or “taking a break” present an unprofessional image.
  3. Given the geographical diversity of the Parade’s marchers and entertainers, we make every effort to inform the crowd of a unit’s hometown. Consider including your own banner, bass drum decal or some other visible signage identifying your group.
  4. Participants are not allowed to distribute flyers or other written material to spectators along the parade route. This is a long-standing Committee policy.
  5. It’s strictly forbidden for Participants to throw or distribute to spectators candy or any other objects from vehicles or from marchers. We don’t allow this activity for obvious safety reasons, and to maintain decorum throughout the route. Parade Marshals escorting units will enforce this policy.
  6. Participating units are not allowed to either solicit donations on the parade route or to sell anything to spectators. Parade Marshals will enforce this policy.
  7. Chaperones and aides for your marching unit should dress professionally, presenting a uniform appearance. Chaperones should not ride bikes, push strollers or pull wagons while accompanying entertainers. Also, chaperones and aides are not permitted to use skateboards or roller blades.
  8. Follow these SAFETY rules:
    1. There must be guardrails at least 8 inches high around the edge of all floats and flatbeds.
    2. Children on board a float must be accompanied by an appropriate number of adults.
    3. Any floats or flatbeds used must have wheel guards on rear wheels. Also, it’s unsafe to use a vehicle as a float which has wheels outside of the trailer.
    4. Riders’ legs are not allowed to hang over the sides of a float during the parade.
    5. Marching display balloons must be grounded if constant winds reach 23 mph, with gusts of 34 mph.

We look forward to your participation. Have a great time!