Participation Rules

  1. All units should maintain a continuous forward motion during the entire parade route. Do not stop on your own and present “mini concerts” along the route. Note, this includes the Review Stand, so  we expect you to simply pass in review as you proceed in front of the dignitaries. Do not stop for television cameras or voiced announcements … they will work around you.
  2. In the event forward motion of the parade stops or pauses during its procession, stay in formation and continue to entertain the crowd. Units “breaking ranks” or “taking a break” present an unprofessional image.
  3. Given the geographical diversity of the Parade’s marchers and entertainers, we make every effort to inform the crowd of a unit’s hometown. Consider including your own banner, bass drum decal or some other visible signage identifying your group.
  4. Participants are not allowed to distribute flyers or other written material to spectators along the parade route. This is a long-standing Committee policy.
  5. It’s strictly forbidden for Participants to throw or distribute to spectators candy or any other objects from vehicles or from marchers. We don’t allow this activity for obvious safety reasons, and to maintain decorum throughout the route. Parade Marshals escorting units will enforce this policy.
  6. Participating units are not allowed to either solicit donations on the parade route or to sell anything to spectators. Parade Marshals will enforce this policy.
  7. Chaperones and aides for your marching unit should dress professionally, presenting a uniform appearance. Chaperones should not ride bikes, push strollers or pull wagons while accompanying entertainers. Also, chaperones and aides are not permitted to use skateboards or roller blades.
  8. Follow these SAFETY rules:
    1. There must be guardrails at least 8 inches high around the edge of all floats and flatbeds.
    2. Children on board a float must be accompanied by an appropriate number of adults.
    3. Any floats or flatbeds used must have wheel guards on rear wheels. Also, it’s unsafe to use a vehicle as a float which has wheels outside of the trailer.
    4. Riders’ legs are not allowed to hang over the sides of a float during the parade.
    5. Marching display balloons must be grounded if constant winds reach 23 mph, with gusts of 34 mph.

We look forward to your participation
Have a great time!

Download a PDF of the rules

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